Monday, May 16, 2005

talkin' thru machines

K had to convert audiotape to CD so he got a cable to connect a Walkman-type cassette player to the Mac. He played the tape through the Garageband program, transferred the tracks to iTunes, and burned a couple disks. It all went pretty smooth.


All those fiddly things intimidate me -- recording levels and adjusting this or that. I want to plug something in, hit one button, and have the machines do it. I know I have tapes of some old readings. Maybe I could try this method with those. There's that tape of the interview I did with Mom, too. Boy, I remember that! We disagreed about the way the interview should be conducted -- I just wanted her to talk and let a conversation happen, she didn't like that, wanted to compose each answer before speaking it into the tape recorder. We actually got into a fight over it.

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