Saturday, May 14, 2005

out goes London

When I was going through the boxes of papers Wednesday I came across a bag of souvenirs from my 3-month semester in London. Ticket stubs and maps and ... whatever ... I sifted it through my fingers and let it fall into the recycle bag.

This trip was back in fall 1988, a program of Santa Rosa Junior College and AIFS. A group of students from SRJC (and some other US community colleges) brought along professors -- it's essentially your US community college transposed to London. (A friend's grown daughter is currently in Spain under the same program.)

My English professor made keeping a journal one of the class assignments. Thus I kept two journals in London, one for him and one for myself. In the one for myself I could bitch about him and talk about sex. Otherwise they weren't much different.

So my pre-Berkeley life is migrating to Berkeley. And some of it is getting thrown out.

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