Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Info Desk Blogging

The person whose regular Info Desk hour this is is out with a bad back so here I am. Been here 5 minutes and it's not crazy yet.

Mysterious stack of Chinese books on the far corner of the desk. Did somebody intend to return them? Or did a person stop here to ask a question, put the books down and forget them? I guess I'll leave them alone for now, just in case somebody shows up anxious.

The boy-watching isn't nearly so good here as at the university, we got a much higher proportion of oldsters and toddlers, but cuties go by now & then. And once in awhile one comes up and asks me a question and I get to enjoy it. One of the benefits of public service. Of course just as I say this, Young Guy gets headed off by Unhappy Old Lady ... oh well, he wasn't cute just young and old lady was unhappy but polite.

Clouds are throwing a few drops our way. Curious series of storms we've been getting. Not our usual May in Berkeley. Overcast is typical and fog, but not rain. Fairly warm tho. I didn't bring an umbrella. But it's not really raining right now.

OK, we're at the half hour and the joint ain't jumpin'. Sure, where are the bathrooms, where's the copy machine, do we have spanish language instructional tapes, but no long involved complaints or mysteries. I'll amend that to say, none that I can help with ... I've sent a couple different problems to other desks. And neither of them has gotten anger turned my way.

I'm going to the Y for yoga class when my relief shows up at 5. Last week's yoga I was all huffy & puffy and at the end of the class the muscly guy in front of me turned to give me a dubious look, "are you okay?" To which I snappily replied, "what's not okay about looking at a hot bod like yours?" ... or I said, "Tough class!" ...

Tough class? Oh. Look. Raining. The Y is only a block away, I shouldn't get very wet.

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