Tuesday, December 31, 2019

2019 in publications

A quick list of the places that included something of my work in 2019:

Futures Trading
Columbia Journal
The Curly Mind
Cleaver Magazine
Poetic Diversity
Scarlet Leaf Review
Humble Pie
Blue Unicorn
Caveat Lector
Angry Old Man
Shot Glass Journal
Origami Poems
Literary Yard
Failed Haiku
Bay Areas Generations program
The Furious Gazelle
The Berkeley Times
The Free Library of the Internet Void
Packingtown Review
The Big Windows Review
Rusty Truck
The Pangolin Review
MARY: a journal of new writing

a Viable chapbook from Zoetic Press

Our Lady of Telegraph Avenue: tributes to Julia Vinograd 
an anthology published by Zeitgeist Press

and finally, but most majorly, the big book:
Thousand, a ten-volume prose poem epic, from Mel C Thompson Publishing

If you go back through the blog year you will find links to the zines and the poems.