Saturday, March 14, 2020

two one-line haiku at Bones

Two one-line haiku in the March 15, 2020 issue of Bones: journal for the short verse (no. 19).

In issue 19 the poems are arranged by each poet's first name; mine appear on p. 59 & 60.

This is the second time my haiku have appeared in Bones. I never posted a link to the first, so I'll do that now. Back then it was called Bones: journal for contemporary haiku:

The poems appear on pages 3 and 38. They are rather weirder than the newer poems. It’s pretty cool that Bones remains open to poems that are rather weird. 

Friday, March 06, 2020

Six chapters from “Autobiography of a Book” at Inverse Journal

At Inverse Journal you can now read
these six chapters of “Autobiography of a Book”:

“in which the book’s thought presents horns and a cymbal”
“in which the book compares its words to yours”
“in which the book sees the reader come to a similar fate
“in which the book releases the kickstand” 
“in which the book’s efforts are exhausted, temporarily” 
“in which the book goes from house to house” 

Inverse Journal is an international literary journal based in Kashmir. Last year the Indian government cracked down harshly on Kashmir. Editor/publisher Amjad Majid shifted the focus of the journal to getting word out about what’s been happening there. You can read some of this information on the homepage under “Kashmir 2019 Siege.” 
Though the siege continues, the editor has decided to put energy anew into literature, thus this publication of excerpts from “Autobiography of a Book.” 

Monday, January 13, 2020

—ah: anthology of American Haiku, Mondo edition

—ah: anthology of American Haiku, edited by Jonathan Hayes and Richard Lopez, published by Poems-for-All Press, San Diego, California, was originally printed in 2016 in a very small format, that is, it was about the size of a matchbook. 

I just received in the mail the second edition, the Mondo edition, so called because it is three or four times the size of the first, that is, about the dimensions of a postcard. 

Fun that my haiku get the last page, the last words, as it were. 

If you want to write to editor Jonathan Hayes: