Friday, April 17, 2020

Two found poems at Cabildo Quarterly

“I did not interview the dead”
“The ‘Where is it’ index showing the geographical positions of all the important localities”

Thursday, April 16, 2020

Glenn Ingersoll page at Living Senryu Anthology

There is now a page of Glenn Ingersoll poems at the Living Senryu Anthology

If you are familiar with haiku, you’ve got a start on senryu. In fact, much of what we think of haiku in the West is, according to anthology’s editors, actually senryu. Do visit the page at the anthology that both describes senryu and distinguishes it from haiku. 

I first discovered the Living Haiku Anthology and a couple of months ago I applied to be included. Editor Don Baird wrote back to say many of the poems struck him as senryu, though he did say that there is overlap in the two forms. I followed the link he provided to the Living Senryu Anthology and enjoyed browsing the poems collected there. Today I am happy to learn that my work has been included in it. 

My thanks to Bryan Rickert and the rest of the editorial board.  

At present I have the “I” section of the index all to myself