Friday, March 06, 2020

Six chapters from “Autobiography of a Book” at Inverse Journal

At Inverse Journal you can now read
these six chapters of “Autobiography of a Book”:

“in which the book’s thought presents horns and a cymbal”
“in which the book compares its words to yours”
“in which the book sees the reader come to a similar fate
“in which the book releases the kickstand” 
“in which the book’s efforts are exhausted, temporarily” 
“in which the book goes from house to house” 

Inverse Journal is an international literary journal based in Kashmir. Last year the Indian government cracked down harshly on Kashmir. Editor/publisher Amjad Majid shifted the focus of the journal to getting word out about what’s been happening there. You can read some of this information on the homepage under “Kashmir 2019 Siege.” 
Though the siege continues, the editor has decided to put energy anew into literature, thus this publication of excerpts from “Autobiography of a Book.” 

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