Sunday, May 08, 2005

celebrity tracking

You know how wheresgeorge tracks money, right? Chrisafer muses, "Sometimes I wish there were a resource on the Internets where you could log on and see where a celebrity is at any given time." Shouldn't that be fairly easy? Set up an interface where anyone can enter a celebrity's name, where the celebrity was spotted (in the Houston airport, in Safeway, at a restaurant), what the celebrity was doing (eating a peach, reading a Stephen King book, peeing), who the celebrity was with (other famous person, child, hobbling old lady), whether the spotter engaged in any interaction with celebrity (got photo, autograph, stamped their ticket). Of course most celebrities would hate this. Maybe William Hung, joke of the day (or yesterday maybe), might be thrilled to be spotted, or some bit player using it as evidence for the advancement of his career would be thrilled to find themselves tracked. And maybe it would encourage more celebrity-bothering, as spotters might find the excuse of their future report be reason for an interaction.

Go to the site, enter a celebrity's name, and see where they were last spotted. If Tom Cruise was spotted several times in Florida a report of him in Amsterdam at the same time is probably a false report. You might see clusters of reports on lookalikes. It'd be cool to have maps, you could see where celebrities are spotted most often, trace a celebrity's movements over the globe.

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