Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Info Desk Blogging

Lovely warm day here in Berkeley.

Steve Mueske, who runs the ezine Three Candles, is starting to publish physical books now. Being as I work in a library he wondered if I had any hints on how to market to libraries. I didn't. Curious, no?

However, I asked the head of acquisitions and she said, "Reviews. Librarians buy in response to reviews." She said she would put together a list of likely places for me. She is very busy. I'll wait a few days and ask again. In the meantime this American Library Association fact sheet might be useful. The ALA notes, "Individual libraries are responsible for their own collections." There is no central source for disseminating marketing materials to libraries. If it's your hometown public library it'd probably behoove you to walk in yourself or ring up and present yourself as a local author, as libraries like to stock what the locals are writing.

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