Saturday, February 18, 2006


Just got the cat weather report. Must be raining/misting outside as when Sutra presented for strokes his fur had a dewing of tiny drops.

Is cold! Plus which I'm feeling achy and tired. Hope it's not another cold/flu. Should I take a nice hot bath?

Watched La Cage aux Folles last night. First time. The original French movie. I can see how someone could look at it and say, hey, there's lotsa places we could add singing & dancing. And it's not like there are a lot of scene changes so it wouldn't be hard to adapt it for the stage. (Wikipedia entry says it was originally a play.) But I haven't seen the stage version. And I haven't seen the American movie version with Robin Williams and Nathan Lane, The Birdcage. La Cage is a cute, slight movie, both sweet and filled with homophobia. I laughed, was bored, was uncomfortable. It's not a film I'd recommend against seeing, but not worth moving heaven & earth for.

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