Friday, June 10, 2005

update on the library

The Berkeley Daily Planet has an article about the apparent resolution of the antagonism between the library employees/union and the administration/Director Jackie Griffin. I'm glad to hear there's less tension, there are no lay-offs, we get our little raises, and taxes go up. Gotta love taxes.

Can't we pay for library services with some of that Iraqi oil?

Director Griffin talks about RFID (radio frequency identification) making it possible for the library to be open more hours. She imagines almost all patrons being able to check out their books/DVDs/CDs themselves, freeing bodies from the circulation desk for more service-type work. I hope she's right. I don't work with the public (except the rare times I'm on Info Desk or subbing at Circ Desk when they have a meeting), but adding RFID tag attachment to the regular process in Tech Servs will change what I do, especially if I am the one who has to affix the things. We'll see.

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