Thursday, June 16, 2005

Info Desk Blogging

I've been suffering a headache since I woke up this morning. Have been taking acetaminophen (tylenol) and ibuprofen (motrin) one pill at a time as needed and only in the last half hour has the pain lifted -- now feeling a bit lightheaded.

A cute young guy just asked about employment at the library and I surfed over to the employment section of the BPL website, showed him the job descriptions and the number to call at the city. Got a little gay vibe off him, which is a plus. Good time to be asking about jobs, actually. Now that we have some good news, budgetwise. I think they'll be hiring aides again soon, at least a couple. During the big scare nobody's been hired to fill the slots of the people who've left.

Across the street a vat of tar has been bubbling away for weeks. I hope they finish their roof work soon cuz damn that stink is nasty. Once in awhile, I'm told, it gets sucked into the library's ventilation system. Fortunately the offices are on a separate air system than the public areas so I haven't smelled the stuff while at my desk. (No, at my desk I get to smell the pizza or popcorn cooking in the breakroom upstairs.) When I go out on break I sort of hold my breath for a block.

Ah, I see now it's raining. What a fine June we're having.

Yes, we do have Sisterhood Is Powerful, a 1970 anthology of feminist writing. I walked a young woman to where it sits on the shelf. Beside it, Sisterhood Is Forever, the 2003 sequel.

The phone hasn't been ringing much. I do prefer helping people face to face, but then people who've come to the desk so far today have been easy & pleasant. And few.

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