Thursday, June 09, 2005

gym or not gym

Every day I wonder if I'll get to the gym after work. Some days I start out feeling good, but by the end of the work day my energy is gone and I'm tired and achy. In these cases I do not go to the gym. I've learned that if I work out when feeling poorly I will feel twice as tired the next day and even more sore & tired the day after. Best I go when I'm feeling spry. Other people tell me exercise energizes them. It doesn't work that way for me, sadly.

Today was one of those I-feel-good-don't-I-don't-I-no-I-better-not days. Too bad. So I came home and schlepped two more boxes of David's long-sloughed snakeskin to the shipping store. The North Berkeley farmers' market was still going so I picked up some carrots, peaches, cauliflower, squashes, a spicy tofu salad, and a bag of rolls.

I'm listening to some tracks from Offbeat, a Red Hot AIDS fundraiser CD. It's a comp of ambient and some spoken word.

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