Thursday, April 14, 2005

Info Desk Blogging

The Information Desk faces the Central Library's main entrance doors. It looks sunny and nice out there (I can't see the sky, only the sunlight on the faded pink of the building across the street), but a cold breeze comes in with the people.

Been at the desk 10 minutes and the big question of the day is, "Do you have tax forms?" The answer is, "Yes!" After back-to-back calls inquiring about specific forms I've decided to leave the Info binder open to the list. The other big question (asked 4 times) is our year-round, "How do I get a library card?"

We have a new hold system. Instead of running off to check the shelf when an item is listed in the catalog as "check shelf", then grabbing the book and taking it to the Circulation Desk to be held for the caller to pick up, we now put a hold on the item through the computer. Twice a day someone prints out a list of what patrons have requested then goes through the library loading up a cart; all items are then delivered to the Circ Desk at one time. On the whole this is great. But when someone calls who is anxious to get her hands on a particular book TODAY we don't rush off to the shelves right then; she has to come in and hope it really is on the shelf where the online catalog says it is. The library doesn't cater to the hurry-right-now crowd.

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