Thursday, April 21, 2005

Info Desk Blogging (after hours edition)

Right next door is a big construction site. Condos, I believe. They've named the development "Library Gardens".

I don't know what to say about that.

Anyway. Since this is the library (and that manifestly isn't) packages for "Library Gardens" are sometimes delivered here.

There's a letter in the local daily that I find remarkable. (It's the 9th letter down, so you'll have to do some scrolling.) The head of the children's dept says, "As any parent knows, children live in the moment." Hm. I wonder about her airing unfortunate allegations against some of the employees she supervizes. Was that something she should have done?

Looks like as part of the citywide budget cutting measures the library along with other "nonesssential services" (essential: fire, police) will be closed one additional day each month. Because library funding comes from a tax that doesn't feed into the city's general fund our library director was hoping she could avoid the closure. Seems to be no. This will be an unpaid day off. You're not allowed to use a vacation day. For those thinking of retiring this year that causes jaw-grinding and teeth-gnashing because the amount of your pension depends on what you earned in your last working year. This is not really one of my worries.

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