Thursday, April 28, 2005

the gay news

I bop by gay news sites to see what's up with the community. And it fucking depresses me. Jeez. When lefties wig out about the fundies ascendant I always think, WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN? These Godly rejects have long declared war on me and mine. That they're orchestrating these lovely anti-marriage constitutional amendments in state after state -- coming soon to the US Constitution? -- and winning winning winning, usually with 2/3 majorities -- damn, it just juices them up. Now they're going to go around ripping kids out of their homes -- new law in Texas says if you're a foster kid you can't live in a household with gay (or bisexual) people. (I wonder if a gay minor can live with himself?) These people have got the lock on the rhetoric. They are pro-Family, when that means the destruction of families.

These people would happily torture Jesus to death over and over and pay for the privilege. Oh. There was a movie that just did that? Pain and death are way better than sex.

Wait. I'm too angry. I've been told anger turns people off, people who would offer sympathy if I weren't so hot. Golly, that anger, it makes people uncomfortable. They don't want to be around it. Sure, they'll vote against my life but they're only doing it because I'm so angry. If I were sensible and sweet they'd feel better about voting against my life but tell me they feel bad for me.

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