Wednesday, February 23, 2005

poets bloggin'

"I was the guest speaker at a software conference in Sidney and got fired in the US while in Australia, so I spent 5 weeks living in a hotel, reading Pynchon and feeding the larakeets on the lanai." link

"I looked down at the controls: the power light was out. I toggled the switch but nothing happened. The chair was dead. That didn't stop me from trying the switch several more times, though. Almost immediately, I knew what I was looking at, besides the wall: five and a half hours until Steve would show up. And five and a half hours it was." link

"If you are thinking about welding, forget it. Poems do not weld. A highly skilled person can braze a poem together, but the high heat can distort it and can be expensive. I recommend 'gluing' poems together." link

Anagrams of names of poets' blogs ... includes "Therapist With a Dream Inside: I Am the Pirate’s Hardiest Wind" link

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