Saturday, February 26, 2005

AB 1825 Sex Harassment Trainer

Kent has started up a new blog, too. AB 1825 Sex Harassment Trainer ... You know how it is, you work at the day job and you have ideas, ideas there's no place for at the day job. It's not that this is info he doesn't deal with at work. It is. But it's packaged in a particular way there and on the new blog he can pour out all this stuff he's picked up that doesn't fit the mold the day job requires. So. Cool. He's enthusiastic.

Meanwhile I had a huge surge of anxiety about the booklog. In a swoon I collapsed upon the bed, tucked my knees under my chin and sobbed.

OK. You know I didn't. Not that I haven't ever done that sort of thing. Boy howdy! But the surge of anxiety part, that happened. What if ... people don't like it? Don't like MEEEE??? ... Waaaaah! ...


Leave me now. Read about Koko's nipple obsession. (Yes, that's the sort of thing you'll read about AB 1825 Sex Harassment Trainer ... Are you getting this google spider?) ...

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