Thursday, December 26, 2002

Yeah, it had to happen. Stupid cat. I write a nice little entry. Not gonna spend a lot of time on it. Sundance jumps up on the desk. Noses the lamp, steps on ESC, thus erasing everything.

And is it ironic or appropriate that the first thing I wrote was that I'd been writing blog entries in my head at work, thus didn't feel like writing them again?

The most important thing: HAPPY BIRTHDAY, KENT!


I was talking (12/22 entry) about "Mahna Mahna". A couple years ago when we were visiting Brazil I bought some cheap sampler CDs. I fell in love with one of the bands -- Pato Fu, a poppy, punky outfit. Their "Made in Japan" is sung in Japanese (they seem to sing everything else in Brazilian Portuguese, as one might expect); the chorus of the song is "Mahna Mahna", with the phrase (the only English) "Made in Japan" substituting for "Mahna Mahna". I discovered the song on an import CD I found in a Berkeley music store. Now that I have the Muppets' original, I've played the songs back to back. Ooh. Echoy.

I've been poking around other blogs. Most are personal to the point of being shorthand, interesting to the person writing maybe but not providing enough context for an unfamiliar reader. Or they really are just a catalog of links. Here's one I did groove on: Little. Yellow. Different. He writes to be read, no surprise that he's also written for publication.

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