Tuesday, December 24, 2002

I've been blogged! (12/21/02 pettis dot org) The "three girls" senryu that appeared on tiny words. Pettis snagged the poem and posted it as part of his blog. Mm. Does this put me in danger of losing copyright? Should I send a cease and desist? Not like I'm ever going to see any money for the poem. I'm tickled he was impressed enough to grab it. He kept my name with it anyway.

I've just been googling myself to make sure I have all the poems that are OUT THERE are linked to on my LoveSettlement Poetry homepage. Last night I remembered a couple I'd missed so added them today.

I've not been using my juno email. Too balky, too spammed up. I just check it once a week to clear out the spam. Back when it was my email I filled up the address book. Looking over those names recently I saw many I didn't recognize. I know several of them were poetry acquaintances. So I thought I'd send out a notice to everybody alerting them to the update of the poetry site and the creation of this one. My first attempt got bounced back by juno's spam detector. Too many addressees! A few days later I tried again, sending the same message to five at a time. The first line: **THIS IS A ONE-TIME ONLY EMAIL. IF YOU DON'T REPLY I WILL DELETE YOU FROM MY ADDRESS BOOK.** Kinda pushy, but I didn't want anybody to get bent out of shape about being spammed. Then I went ahead and erased everything in the address book. The replies started right away, the juno mailer-daemon alerting me to all the dead addresses. I've had 9 replies from real people, so now I have nine in my juno address book. Down from 70.

I did get a bunch of hits on the site. I'm sure a few checked out the site and decided not to reply.

Here's something else I found googling: my response to the challenge, "A poem without a title is like..." I don't remember when I wrote these. Quite awhile ago. I still rather like them. Everybody else seems to think a title is essential, that a poem without one is crippled or not a poem. An anonymous teen says, "A poem without a title is like a bird without a song." Which doesn't make any sense. A poem is song. On the other hand there are plenty of birds that don't sing and they're certainly no less bird for being quiet or unmelodic. I don't know that you could call the peacock's holler a song, for instance, but it's some amazing bird. My replies to the challenge choose not to give the title primacy.

Googling "glenn ingersoll" is pretty productive. There are a few other glenn ingersolls in the world. One seems to be a musician. The birthdate of one seems to be 1913. Most glenn ingersolls on the web are me.

Here's my best review ever, "Boyfriend Poem by Glenn Ingersoll is 3 lines of simple beauty. He is able to express pain, yearning, emptiness and attraction in only 24 words. I won’t quote the poem so as to not ruin the beauty, but you should pick yourself up a copy." It's from a review of the literary magazine, Over the Transom. The reviewer Justin Barrett for Remark Poetry.

My tummy's feeling empty. I wonder if Bel Forno is open? Oh, I just heard Kent drive up. Short day at the office! Good for him.

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