Sunday, December 22, 2002

I've just added more links to my poetry website. There were more poems out there on ezines that I hadn't yet linked to. Quite a chapbook it's turning out to be. Links to 28 poems. Then there's the homepage's featured poem and the 3 previously featured poems on the Previously Feature Poems page. There may be a couple more poems on ezines. I'll be googling and trying to remember. Anyway, at the moment I'm done and glad to have done.

K & I walked over to Telegraph Ave this afternoon. Lovely weather. We looked over all the crafts for sale. The street has been closed to car traffic and filled with booths. They do it every year on the weekends leading up to Xmas. Vic, mother of old Sebastopol friends, tells me she was there with her minerals & jewelry last weekend, her new heavy-duty rain tarp flapping under the powers of wind & rain. K found a used copy of Michael Franzen's The Corrections and a CD of Muppets tunes. A few days ago we were talking about that great Sesame Street bit where the shaggy faced troll in a rough bass mutters, "munah munah", to which three tall white long-nosed sopranos respond with, "doo doo da doo doo". K wasn't sure the song was even on the CD, but I recognized it immediately: "There it is! 'Mahna Mahna'!" It doesn't work quite as well without the visual as the troll's solos trail off when the sopranos glare at him for daring to solo; without the glaring the trailing off is ... odd. (The pictures on the linked-to page don't show white creatures. But, hey, I grew up with a b&w tv!)

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