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Published Poems 2001

poem: [five poems from Fact series]
poem one first line: “This poem is easy to understand”
poem two first line: “This poem is the / only poem that I”
poem three first line: “The poem thinks it / might like to be”
poem four entire poem: “The poem is exactly this long”
poem five first line: “This poem is starting out / just before I am to lie down”
written: TBD
publication: Fish Drum, v. 16, 2001
PO Box 966 
Murray Hill Station
New York NY 10156
editor: Suzi Winson
some other contributors: Michael Rothenberg, Ellen Zweig, Simon Perchik, Joanna Sondheim

poem one: “Certainty: found in the UC Berkeley library database”
first line: “On certain abnormal conditions of the septum pellucidum”
written: TBD
poem two: “We Will Never Surrender: found in the UC Berkeley library database”
first line: “We will be heard”
publication: Chase Park, vol. 1 no. 2, 2001
20 Mule Press
PO Box 9136
Oakland CA 94613
editors: David Harrison Horton
some other contributors: John M. Bennett, Stephanie Young, Spencer Selby, Ryan G. Van Cleave

poem: “Living”
first line: “The fire was burning last night while I was reading about the dead.”
written: TBD
publication: Manzanita Quarterly, Winter 2000-01
PO Box 1234
Ashland OR 97520
editor: Mariah Hegarty
some other contributors: Kit Kennedy, Melanie Green, Marcy Greene, Amy Schutzer

poem: “Ways Out of the Great Maze of the Celestial Mouth (after Jack Martin)”
first line: “It is immaterial as the wind entered into evidence.”
written: TBD
publication: Gumball Poetry, Winter 2001
online [defunct, much remains in the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine]
poems were also physically distributed via gumball machines
editor: Laura Moulton
some other contributors: Jeff Meyers, Mary Fisher, Yvonne Hardenbrook, Jeffrey Winke

poem one: “Out of the Wound of the Heart”
first line: “Out of the motherfucking brown wound of the heart”
written: TBD
poem two: “Miloshbery”
first line: “Say to something, ‘Have at it!’ Then gather up your things and flee the room.”
written: TBD
poem three: “The Breathing Device”
first line: “Under the sea the mechanical lung and a bathing cutie”
written: TBD
publication: Loop, v. 1 iss. 2, Winter 2001
Press 62
2224 Dwight Way Ste A
Berkeley CA 94704
editor: Yuo-Fong Benedicte  Chang
some other contributors: Johanna Mangahas, Julia Vinograd, Larisa Hale, Kenneth Masaki Tanemura

first line: “Stop listening. You’ve done that.”
[includes reading in Real Audio, a format I no longer seem to be able to access]
written: TBD
publication: The Cortland Review, issue 15, Feb 2001
editor: Ginger Murchison; poetry editors: Amy MacLennan, Anna Catone, Jennifer Wallace, Christian Gullett [2015 masthead]
some other contributors: Coleman Barks, Ernie Hilbert, Judy Loest, Karen White

poem: “Stones”
first line: “the tongue that held my name”
written: TBD
publication: Comet, vol.2 no.1, Spring 2001
editors: Kathleen Munnelly & Maw Shein Win
some other contributors: Justin Chin, Jonathan Hayes, Aviva Rosenthal, Daphne Gottlieb

poem: “Boundary (for Gary Blankenship)”
first line: “I sliced my thumb”
written: 2001
publication: Writers Hood, March 2001 
online [defunct, traces remain in the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine]
editor: Jeff Mason; poetry editor: Gary Blankenship
some other contributors: Taylor Graham, Duane Locke, Bobbie Gogain, Thelma Mariano

poem: “What I Must Do Today:”
first line: “Wait for you.”
written: TBD
publication: Shampoo, issue 5, April 2001
online [offline as I write, but may be back; link takes you to the Internet Archive]
editors: Del Ray Cross
some other contributors: Dale Jensen, Jim Behrle, Sam Witt, Angela Ball

poem: “Poems from Our March: after Mang Ke’s ‘Poems in October’”
first line: “Crops / The picture of three men cut down to two.”
written: TBD
publication: Fourteen Hills, vol. 7 no. 2, Spring/Summer 2001
Creative Writing Dept
San Francisco State University
1600 Holloway Ave
San Francisco CA 94132
editor: Noel Kalenian; poetry editor: Dan Mummert
some other contributors: Joshua Corey, Lucille Lang Day, Maureen Hurley, Kathleen Ossip

poem one: “nomarch” 
first line: “oleanders kinda uncle someone man”
written: TBD
poem two: “rallentando”
first line: “yes cindery undo chivalry kiss”
written: TBD
publication: gestalten, issue 5, July 2001
PO Box 6305
Santa Barbara CA 93160
editors: Paul Silvia & Adam Powell
some other contributors: Guy R. Beining, Jonathan Hayes, Spencer Selby, Andrew Topel 

poem one: “Back”
first line: “The house sits on a little hill in the middle”
written: TBD
poem two: “Small House”
first line: “in the small house”
publication: 3rd Muse: poetry journal, issue 3, Oct 2001
PO Box 476
Carnegie 3163
Melbourne VIC
[first appeared on the 3rd Muse website]
editor: Mark Melton
some other contributors: Lola Haskins, Josh Garden, JB Mulligan, Thomas Wooten

[This post will be continuously updated until I have organized my archives and the list is complete. I will be creating a separate blog post for each year. Contact information for publications is for historical purposes only.]

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