Friday, December 04, 2015

Published Poems 2000

poem: “Poem I Have Long Wanted to Write”
first line: “I am watching two men kiss”
written: TBD
publication: Prairie Schooner, v. 74 no. 2, Summer 2000
201 Andrews Hall
University of Nebraska
Lincoln, NE 68588
editor: Hilda Raz
some other contributors: D. A. Powell, Susan Fromberg Schaeffer, Pattiann Rogers, Rick Barot

poem one: “The Chill Palace”
first line: “I want to take Sedna’s hand,”
written: TBD
poem two: “And And Again”
first line: “I dreamed about a shoe.”
written: TBD
poem three: “Praise”
first line: “Praise and euphoria same the beat”
written: TBD
poem four: “Where: a cento”
first line: “Where the blue begins”
written: TBD
poem five: “Dial Tone’s Sweet Hum”
first line: “In Heaven the telephone is ringing,”
written: TBD
poem six: “The Hours Began to Climb Across the Sky”
first line: “The hours began to climb”
written: TBD
[Also an interview]
publication: Hogtown Creek Review, Fall 2000
Hogtown Press
2601 SW 8th Dr
Gainesville FL 32601
editors: Michael Martin & Elisa Maranzana
some other contributors: Dave Benson, Simon Perchik, Justin Chin, Jack Martin

[This post will be continuously updated until I have organized my archives and the list is complete. I will be creating a separate blog post for each year. Contact information for publications is for historical purposes only.]

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