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Published Poems 1998

poem: “The City in the Cup”
first line: “There is no life, the sign proclaims, imagining a short”
written: TBD
publication: Columbia Poetry Review
Columbia College
English Dept
600 South Michigan Ave
Chicago IL 60605
editors: Greg Purcell & Michael A. Staples
some other contributors: Tom Clark, Stephen Ratcliffe, Ron Padgett, W. B. Keckler

poem: “Voice”
first line: “The telephone is ringing in a locked house”
written: TBD
publication: ART/LIFE, v.18 no.9, issue 196, 1998
PO Box 23020
Ventura CA 93002
editor: Joe Cardella; poetry editor: Phil Taggart
some other contributors: Taylor Graham, Rick Lupert, Phil Taggart, Martie Negri

poem: “Hands”
first line: “The house wants to be for mercy but”
written: TBD
publication: ART/LIFE, v.18 no.6, issue 193, 1998
PO Box 23020
Ventura CA 93002
editor: Joe Cardella; poetry editor: Phil Taggart
some other contributors: Troy Overman, Doris C. Vernon, Adrian Dickworthy, Julie Herbst

poems: [eight from the Fact series]
poem one first line: “The poem can’t sleep”
poem two first line: “This poem is the / only poem that I”
poem three first line: “Don’t read me, / says the poem”
poem four first line: “The poem does not sing / all the time but”
poem five first line: “This poem would have you / hold it as long as you”
poem six first line: “Waves slide in, foam-hemmed,”
poem seven first line: “This poem will not / evaluate your life,”
poem eight first line: “You’ve found me! cries / the poem, happily. All that” 
written: TBD
publication: convolvulus, no. 25
Radiolarian Press
118 Meadowcroft Dr
San Anselmo CA 94960
editor: Greg Darms
some other contributors: David Alpaugh, Richard Kostelanetz, Karen Stromberg, Grace Grafton

poem: [one from Fact series]
first line: “Hello, poem. I’m”
written: TBD
publication: Fish Dance: a poetry calendar & newsletter for the North Bay, v.3, no.8, Sept 1998
online [now defunct, but the link above leads to the Internet Wayback Machine where much of the old site is viewable]
[I have a printout of the page on which the poem appears]
editors: Greg Darms & Nancy Cherry
some other contributors: Susan Terris, Laura Horn, CB Follett, Ruth Daigon

poem one: “One City Block”
first line: “Library free book night in the outside of”
written: TBD
poem two: “City of Swords”
first line: “The path is lingering, a green line like an apple’s”
written: TBD
publication: gestalten, issue 3, Sept 1998
1207 W. 19th St
Lawrence KS 66046
editors: Paul Silvia & Adam Powell
some other contributors: W. B. Keckler, Errol Millder, Luke Trent, John M. Bennett

poem: “City Away From It”
first line: “First you gotta get”
written: TBD
publication: Lost and Found Times, no. 41, Nov 1998
editor: John M. Bennett 
some other contributors: Spencer Selby, Ivan Arguelles, Sheila E. Murphy, Amy Trussell

poem: “Toilette”
first line: “Over the years it took more and more work”
written: TBD
publication: Hampden-Sydney Poetry Review, Winter 1998
PO Box 126
Hampden-Sydney VA 23943
editor: Tom O’Grady
some other contributors: Errol Miller, Ryan G. Van Cleave, Jan Frazier, Meredith Picard

[This post will be continuously updated until I have organized my archives and the list is complete. I will be creating a separate blog post for each year. Contact information for publications is for historical purposes only.]

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