Sunday, July 29, 2007

comments on "On the Edge" version 6

Hey, if you couldn’t force yourself all the way through version 5, version 6 is shorter!

I’ve noticed an odd thing. When I get, in this versioning business, to a place where the poem is working. It’s pleasing me. It becomes invisible. That was happening earlier today with this one. It was disappearing before my eyes.

Changes: fewer great words in the cliff address (great word fatigue); grammar adjustments in gull address; boy address consolidated; last line of seersucker address once again touched up; goodbye to wind address; stanza breaks added throughout.

Now that I’m rereading it: Is that ending ending it? Are those questions strong enough? Should I try a version without questions?

Do the addresses work together? Do those great words in the cliff address read like an undigested lump of research? Are those stanzas appropriate in the seersucker address?

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