Saturday, November 28, 2015

Published Poems 1994

poem: “There Are: a found poem in the UC Berkeley library catalog”
first line: “There are alligators in our sewers”
written: TBD
publication: Berkeley Poetry Review, issue 27, 1993-94
700 Eshleman Hall
University of California 
Berkeley CA 94704
editors: Kristina Youso & Connie Vallejo
editorial board: Darren Franklin, Glenn Ingersoll, Katherine Lederer, Chelsea Mauldin, Rufo Noriega

some other contributors: Kim Addonizio, Gwendolyn Albert, Katy Lederer, Tim Donnelly

[This post will be continuously updated until I have organized my archives and the list is complete. I will be creating a separate blog post for each year. Contact information for publications is for historical purposes only.]

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