Sunday, December 26, 2010

Two Hundred Thirty-Six

sparkly at that), or the number of cilia in my intestines, are these me? It’s an old question. I could count back to the first year it was asked. I’m spirit, we can do things like that. Though it involves more travel than I’m interested in at the moment. He takes a deep breath. A necessary breath or one for show? Are you doubting my sincerity? I didn’t say anything. Samuel isn’t even sure he thought something. Samuel has trained his mind to ride the currents at the border between the spirit and the concrete. He doesn’t doubt, he opens


Elisabeth said...

I like the idea of riding the currents between the spirit and the concrete, Glenn. I suppose it's a bit like living at the edge of reality and fantasy - liminal. Thanks.

Glenn Ingersoll said...

I think some more spirit-reality wave riding is coming up.

(But even I don't know for sure what's coming up.)

David Lee said...

I was just going to compliment you on that sentence but I see Elisabeth has beat me to it.