Monday, October 25, 2010

Thousand: One Hundred Seventy-Four

you? Everybody wants to be in pictures. You’re more real that way. It’s not that you aren’t real, right now, standing at the end of the world, or rather, near the end of the world. The end of the world promises to be just down the boardwalk. Yet in a room dark but for the light of your face, who could deny you enhanced reality? OK, say you refuse that whole Lord returning business. Say you keep it simple, “Oops. My bad.” Or. “Pardon me.” Or. “Hey. What the fuck! You tryin’ to trip me or something?” Fine. Go with


Elisabeth said...

This snippet reminds me of an article I've recently read an article in The London Review of Books by Jacqueline Rose on celebrity. You might be interested, too. See:

Glenn Ingersoll said...

"Now a Major Motion Picture"! When I was a kid that phrase on a book cover definitely made the book more enticing.

Curiously, this was at the same time I disdained movie novelizations.

I wouldn't refuse a small role in an indie movie. ... Just in case anybody was thinking of asking ...