Friday, October 01, 2010

Thousand: One Hundred Fifty

out from under all that angel. Young Abe covered his mouth but couldn’t hold in his barking laugh. The skunk, frightened anew by this sudden sound, redoubled its efforts, but the flailing only brought more tatters of leaf and mold and dust into its face. Shortly the skunk’s head was completely covered up. Exhausted panting made the forest floor fluff flutter until the breath caught and the fresh mound exploded with a sneeze, exposing a skunk face, usually so sleek with its black and white stripes, sadly speckled and dimmed. So tired was it that the skunk only rolled its


Elisabeth said...

I have often wondered about skunks. I've only seen them in animation or on film. Somehow a sense of the real thing evades me, especially it's 'perfume'.

Glenn Ingersoll said...

Our dog got skunked twice in one month - and we live in the middle of town! This was few years ago.

Spotted one in the yard a couple weeks ago, too. (No dog to get skunked anymore.)

Not a big yard. We just seem to be on the route for skunk, possum, and raccoon. A mountain lion was shot dead a few weeks ago just blocks away. Poor thing.

Ground zero skunk stink is like a heavy object pressing on your head. You're not even sure it's an odor at first.