Monday, September 20, 2010

Thousand: One Hundred Thirty-Nine

for kids. And people think that’s reasonable! There’s always some category of person that’s disallowed equality, that it seems perfectly natural to discriminate against, any other way of organizing society so unthinkable bringing it up is a total joke. Everybody knows children can’t be allowed to make decisions for themselves, or decisions of any sort! Women! Blacks! Indians! They were denied their rights as autonomous persons because, everybody knew, they were as good as children! How ridiculous is that! I mean, isn’t that the most ridiculous part? There’s nobody who wasn’t a kid once. And for a long time! For

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Elisabeth said...

People lose their connection to the child in themselves far too easily, I think, Glenn.

And so I agree with your narrator here, it's ridiculous and worrying that they do.