Saturday, June 09, 2012

Thousand: Seven Hundred Seventy-Four

hours, you come upon a path. Suddenly the going is easier, and you think, Of course! Whoever made this path knew the best way through. And maybe you get suspicious when to one of the path’s many mires you lose a shoe. But does this misfortune shake the idea that the path was planned? Perhaps you were set up. First shoe, then soul, and down to your doom you go. It’s no longer the shoe that fits, but its loss. What could surprise you? An iced beverage? A gleaming tree? The tour guide eyes the surprise. He didn’t come to


Elisabeth said...

'First shoe, then soul, and down to your doom you go,' sounds like a good metaphor, Glenn - albeit grim - for life.

Glenn Ingersoll said...

Life were a metaphor for something else ... what?