Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Thousand: Seven Hundred Seven

lay it down now.” “If you’ve been carrying a tune,” the man says, and the fountain finishes, “give it its feet. Let it run, let it roam, let it go. Let it go, man! Let it go.” The man and girl find themselves listening to the fountain as it improvises. “Bippity boppity. Boop a boop a boop boop. Yeah!” Finally the girl asks, “You called me something, didn’t you? A name? You think you know me?” “Eula!” says the man, triumphantly. The girl shakes her head. He frowns. “Not Eula?” “Not Eula,” she replies. “But there’s something about you that’s


Elisabeth said...

I like the idea of laying down a tune from your head, like shifting one of those awful 'ear worms' till it becomes the sound of a fountain water falling.

Glenn Ingersoll said...

My best strategy for thwarting an earworm is to displace it with another earworm that I like. Sure, even songs you like can be awful earworms. But an old favorite is better than a new monster; the old ones seem to wear away quicker.

Thanks, Elisabeth.