Sunday, January 02, 2011

Thousand: Two Hundred Forty-Three

sent emissaries. He’s drinking while he drives. He’s smoking! Did you see that! Smoking while he drives. Doesn’t he know that’s illegal? Where is smoking while driving illegal? The spirit plane? It is? What do you smoke on the spirit plane? Oh, the usual. A lot of smoke reaches the spirit plane. Many an offering is made in the form of smoke. So your spirit self is weaving like crazy and, what do you know, he swoops back into your lane, brushing your front bumper. Let me guess. The spirit car and my car pass harmlessly through one another? You’re


Elisabeth said...

I think it might one day be illegal to smoke while driving a car, just as it is illegal to use mobile phones and the like.

Distractions could be forbidden, Glenn, but I doubt you can legislate against them. The human spirit is infinitely distractable- if such a word exists.

Glenn Ingersoll said...

It's likely legal to drink & drive, but illegal to smoke & drive in one (or many) of the parallel planes the mayor & the butler are currently occupying.