Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Thousand: One Hundred Eighty-Three

an old anger, the shame that hurts every time it’s touched. I don’t know that the new has ever been created out of nothing. Except in the beginning? In the beginning there was. There was no there there. There was no here here, for that matter. There was no matter to matter. There was no one to know the difference. In the beginning a dream disturbed the contentment. All was without form and void where not prohibited. A twitch. Was that what initiated? Starting too far back, you know, it deprives the story of anything we could recognize, anything with


Elisabeth said...

Shame, Glenn, it's a powerful emotion, one I have been writing about of late.

'Shame is a breach in the bond of empathy,' writes Phil Mollon. I, too, ascribe to this notion. And it starts in literature as you suggest, in the garden of Eden.


Glenn Ingersoll said...


yuck ...