Wednesday, May 07, 2008

the foot measure

Berkeley's been rather cold lately. I judge temperature by how cold my feet are. They are cold right now. Even though I'm wearing socks with a snowflake pattern on the sole. (I should wear socks with flames?)

But it's not just how cold they are, it's how quickly/easily they can be warmed up. I expect once I get up from the computer and walk around my feet will warm up. It's really cold when I have on thick socks, big shoes and go walking around and my feet refuse to warm up. It's never that bad in Berkeley. We don't have ice or snow.

The big test is at bedtime. Will socks and blankets be enough to warm my feet? In winter the answer is no. Sometimes a foot massage will warm them enough. But when it's really unpleasantly cold I have to soak my feet in hot water, stuff them in warmed socks, then dive into bed before they cool off again. It's been like that once or twice since we got back from Mexico.

And I don't like it.


heather said...

Being from a colder climate, i can suggest hot water bottles for when feet just won't get warm under the covers. They're awesome - even if they do make me feel like i am fifty years older than i am.

Glenn Ingersoll said...

Somebody else made that rec and it's a good one.

I have a horror that the water bottle will break -- a water bottle broke in my brother's bed and burned him pretty bad.

Plus I hate objects in bed with me.

On the other hand (or foot) I can't sleep with cold feet and it's not like a water bottle is a big investment.

I have to go thru this sort of thought process about something at least once a day.

David Lee said...

I still remember those burns every time we use a water bottle.

We also learned that you need to wrap those freezer packs before you apply them to skin after Nizzibet gave herself an ice burn from one.

Anonymous said...

John burned his ankle with hot water bottle warming the foot of the bed. Aunt Iona has good luck warming the foot of her bed with a heating pad then turning it off when she jumps in. How do you keep the cats off the bed???
Love, Sis