Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Berkeley Public Library

Yes, I know these people. And the video? ‘Tis rather droll. I might’ve even popped up in the video if I still worked at Central. But Central seems so far away these days.


LKD said...

Somewhere in between the DMV and Disneyland??

I so wasn't expecting that description. It made me laugh out loud.

The library is somewhere in between the most hostile place and the happiest place on earth?

I swear, I'm never going to forget that.

I always felt like I was going to church when I went to the library. It felt holy to me. It felt sacred. It felt like a pilgrimage. And that pile of books I'd walk out with felt like the holy grail.

I used to think I wanted to be a librarian. I'm at a point in my life where I don't really know anymore what I want to be. And grad school is way too expensive to be toddling off in the direction of any given whim.

Do you have an MLIS? Do you enjoy working in a library?

Glenn Ingersoll said...

DMV the most hostile place on earth? Um. Boring & annoying & occasionally aggravating. But most hostile?

The library is way cheaper than Disneyland and isn't so fascist about forcing you to have an imagination.

I don't have a graduate degree. I have some librarian duties in my current position and enjoy my duties. I've contemplated getting the MLS. May yet, who knows. But maybe I don't have enough motivation cuz I'm happy where I am.

Even though I have piles & piles of books at home I still bring books home from the library -- and would even if I didn't work there!

LKD said...

Apparently you haven't been to the DMV on a day when the line isn't moving and the women behind the counter are just a wee bit snippy because the people waiting in line are obnoxious and belligerent because they've been waiting in line for a half hour.

The last time I was at my local library, a patron was arguing with a librarian about a fine. I thought there was going to be a throw down, I swear to god. I used to work in a video store and man oh man do people get emotional and um, er, IRATE when you tell them they owe money on late returns.

Do you patronize Anne Haine's blog? (Land Mammal is the name of her blog.) She's a librarian in Indiana, at the university---and she's blogged about the crazy amount of books she's carried home. I used to go to the library and leave with no less than ten books. I got out of the habit of visiting the library while I was doing my undergrad work--there was so much forced reading I had to do that I had no time for recreational reading--and then, after graduation, I lost my desire, after being a life long reader and lover of books, to read. I've slowly been finding my way back to that love after 3 years of booklessness. Guess it's time to find my way back to the library.

Glenn Ingersoll said...

Apparently you haven't been to Guantanamo -- after hours. DMV-like during the day, maybe, but after hours, whew. It's not like they ever wash the pantyhose.

People. Can't live with 'em. Can't kill 'em all.

Land Mammal hasn't been on my list, though I may have happened upon it, who knows. I'll check it out.

When I was forced to read reams of tedious academese for my history & poli sci courses (undergrad) I also read huge amounts of poetry; it was like an antidote.