Saturday, January 05, 2008


In Feb 1976 I was ten. I was in 6th grade? That would make this the first Hawaii visit. My dad sent my brother & me tickets and we met him and his Alaska family on one of the islands. I remember being ushered to a connecting flight across the breezy muggy tarmac by a flight attendant.

We went again the following year. I’m sure I got sunburned on both trips. I know I got burnt badly on one of them, such that I felt like I was being tortured all night.

Dad had remarried after the marriage between him & my mother broke up. He gained two new sons about the ages of David & me, and, shortly after, a second daughter, who was, I believe, six years old on our first Hawaii trip. I bonded with her by animating her Pooh puppet. Her brothers had little tolerance for their bouncy tag-along kid sister.

Peanuts was the cat we left in California with Mom.


Featherina said...

After reading your recent post about the silence from your readership, i thought i would let you know that i am really enjoying these postcards. I send about twenty of them everytime and it's nice to think that i'm participating in some sort of tradition. Thanks for sharing.

Glenn Ingersoll said...

Thanks, featherina. I've got a big bag of 'em. You'll see more.