Monday, December 31, 2007

last day of the year

My usual lunch hangouts were closed today so I tried a Thai place I haven’t eaten in in years. That turned out fine. The sun is out but a cold wind gets to blowing. When windy around here our front yard gathers scraps of debris – candy wrappers, tissue from the supermarket deli, plastic bags.

Kent was home when I got back from eating. If I’d known he was going to be off work so early I would have waited lunch till he came home. He zapped a frozen onion soup portion for himself.

I’ve been telling Sundy (the cat) I’m going to make a documentary about him. Just follow him around with a camera. He’s totally telegenic! The project requires a camera, of course.

Happy New Year!


kat said... the idea of doing a cat documentary! This could be the next new Reality TV hit *grn*

ps(Happy 2008!)

Glenn Ingersoll said...

He'd be a star!

Sadly, I think he'd hate everything about fame. Money, accolades, travel, people wanting to meet him. He'd be hiding in the closet in hopes it would all go away and let him go back to sleep.