Sunday, October 28, 2007

this gust

Suppose a rough gust tucked into his guts and the roomy tomb, vacated by a spoon, cuts a figure of rust. Suppose what?


Princess Haiku said...

Hi, I wandered into your blog and had a read. When I think of Berkeley I think of parking tickets and vanishing bookstores. At least they still have interesting street festivals. :)

Glenn Ingersoll said...

hi ph,

Berkeley is still a book town, despite the major loss of Cody's. (And now Barnes & Noble.)

I don't get parking tickets. I don't have a car! I hear about them all the time, including from my coworkers.

I saw your post on "blogger block" (among many bright photos!) ... lately I've been thinking about putting up a post saying I don't want to blog anymore. But when faced with writing such a post I write something else. Not a big long thing. But something.


Princess Haiku said...

Hi Glen,
Thanks for visiting my blog and making a comment. The book store situation is lamentable. The owner of Moe's said that if the new one direction Bus lane goes through they are leaving. I noticed they didn't stock this years hardcover fiction which isn't a good sign. (unless they shelved it somewhere new and I missed it) Cody's on fourth street is in trouble and the one in SF closed. I remember Berkeley when there were several independent bookstores (8ish) and many artistic collectives as well. -Not to mention the old UC Theater will its double bill of cult films. I miss seeing "Children of Paradise" on a big screen.

I live in Sonoma county now and while I miss the hustle and bustle of a city they actually have superior independent bookstores up here. -Go figure. A local store just expanded and opened up a huge children's section.

People up here say that artists have moved all the way up to Portland and beyond to find affordable lofts and performing art space. I don't like the idea of all that rain though.

Well, off to deal with reality. BTW will link you since you are a Bezerkeley blogger.

Glenn Ingersoll said...

So much for the bright side, eh? I could add to the doom-n-gloom: my neighborhood bookstore, Black Oak, has obviously turned in all but a handful of new poetry for credit. Last I heard the owners were hoping for a buyout. (Their own SF expansion didn't go so hot, I guess.) I miss the UC Theater, too.

I grew up in Sebastopol so I know Sonoma County somewhat. You know Florence Ave where the goofy sculptures reside? They weren't there when I lived there but they are there now!

I came up to Petaluma for the Poetry Walk last month. The Copperfield's there looked pretty decent.