Monday, August 20, 2007

what happened to those high school friends?

Officer Michelle [Lazark, who I took to the Senior Prom,] answers questions at the Sacramento Police Department blog. She reveals, for example, an officer’s first choice of weapon, “We first attempt to use our voices.” (Follow the link and you’ll see her on the right of the frame.)

And Hope Levy, who was always bubbling up in some high school musical, announces with pride that her infant son is on the cover of TIME magazine. With an Einstein moustache.

update: Hope has her own website. You can watch her TV spots.


David Lee said...

Have you seen her in The Blair Witch Mountain Project?

Glenn Ingersoll said...

Just downloaded it. Watched it. Cute.

David Lee said...

Michelle's picture is no longer at that link. Darn it.

Glenn Ingersoll said...

Huh. Too bad.